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Raees Censored, 6 Cuts With “UA”, Censor Board Lauds Shah Rukh’s ‘Clean’ Gangsterism

The controversial theme  of Raees has not deterred the censor board from unanimously praising the film and going soft on the violent content.

The film apparently recreates the life and crimes of a well-known gangster-turned-politician in Gujarat .It  has some expertly aesthetically executed action scenes which could have been cause for concern at the censors.However the censor board saw the violence as integral to the theme and not the least offensive.
Says a source close to the development, “They granted Raees a ‘UA’ with six verbal cuts and those cuts were not abuses. Shah Rukh plays a ganglord but doesn’t use a single expletive. It is amazing how much he respects the aesthetics of his family audience.The censor members praised Shah Rukh for keeping the dialogues clean even while acting out the dirty business.”

Dwelling in the cuts the source says, “The censor board asked for deletion of dialoguesthat cast aspersions on real life characters. Since Raees claims to be a fictional work there can’t be any references to real-life situations and people.Those are the cuts they’ve made.”

Jubilant and relieved, producer Ritesh Sidhwani says, “I am happy no visual cuts were made.We were asked to make some audio changes and add a disclaimer. So over all we’re pleased with the censor verdict.”


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