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Raj –DK To Sue Dinesh Vijan Over Stree Profits



 A  huge legal battle awaits  producer Dinesh  Vijan after he has allegedly refused  to share  the profits  of 2018’s surprise  hitStree with his co-producers Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK(known as Raj-DK)  who also happen to be the film’s creativehelmers.

A source  very close to the development  says  the battle threatens  to get very  ugly as Vijan has failed to live up to his contract.

“As per the contract,  Dinesh Vijan was supposed to share  50 percent of the profits with Raj-DK , if and when the  film became profitable. Stree went on to become  far more successful than expected , having earned more than a 100 crores at  the Indian  boxoffice. Vijyan seems  to have got second thoughts  over the profit-sharing when he saw  the kind  of money the  film has made,” says the source.

According to sources Vijan has not shared any of  the Stree profits with his co-producers. 
“Forget  about sharing  fifty percent , Vijan has not given Raj and  DK a single penny of  the profits. Considering how huge the film’s success has become,  this  is unpardonable. Raj and DK are taking  the  legal route . Dinesh Vijyan will shortly receive a legal notice.”

Sources say Raj-DK have a water-tight contact.

“They are  surprised how Vijan though he could get away with this.  Stree was Raj and DK’s project from  the start. They created the entire project and brought Rajkummar Rao on board as the lead actor. They would’ve directed the film themselves if it wasn’t for prior commitments. So they put their assistant Amar Kaushik on to  the directorial chair. But  Raj and DK were on the sets  every  single day looking into the nitty-gritty,” says the source, adding that Dinesh Vijan came into  the  picture very late.

Stree was  almost complete when Vijan  offered  to join the  project as  co-producers. If Raj-DK had known  how this partnership would pan out they’d have never agreed to it. It  is one thing to try and project oneself as  the dominant  partner. But to rob the rightful creators  of the project of credit and cash, is just not done. Raj and DK will see Dinesh Vijan in court.”

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