Rajamouli​: The Re-Release​ Of Baahubali Part 1 Worked​


In an unprecedented marketing move the distributors of  the Hindi version  of the original Baahubali saga decided to re-release the original Baahubali saga a  fortnight ahead of the second part.

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​And the gambit has worked. The re-run of the first part of Baahubali is  doing better business than the other new releases this week including the Hollywood biggies Ghost In The Shell and Colossal.​

​Enthuses director S S Rajamouli . “It ​was a fantastic idea. Because when Baahubali – The Beginningreleased in July 2015, it was not a big film. It gradually picked up. Of course, there are still lot of people in the northern states, who haven’t watched part-1 in the theatre. So, I think ​was  definitely a fantastic idea. Mumbai exhibitor  Anil Thadani is eager to do this and I think it is a great idea.”

Trade analyst Atul Mohan agrees, “Yes why not? There are two advantages. Firstly,there is no content doing well at the box-office and cinema halls are running empty particularly post Badrinath Ki Dulhania. Secondly,  Bahubali is  one was a phenomenal success and watching it on big screen again would be experiencing the experience again. Those who missed it would love to catch it before part 2. And for repeat audience it would be a ravishing recall. Though the film has been shown on tv channels and is  available online on OTT platforms but we all know Bahubali is made only for BIG screen.”

Adds critic Raja Sen, “I think even the people who missed the film the first time around know how it was hailed as a spectacle, and wouldn’t miss it now. Ahead of the new film, they get a chance to be as hyped about the sequel as fans of the original.”

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