The Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar Climactic Face Off Promises To  Blow The Screen Apart

How do you fancy the idea of a fist-to-fist between Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar at  the climax of  Robot 2a.k.a 2: 0?

The film’s director Shankar and his team of action directors from the West are looking at a never-before  on-screen combat between the two superstars.

However an acutely practical problems awaits the tall climactic plans.According to sources close to the climaxAkshay Kumar and Rajinikanth belong to  two different schools of action .

“Akshay wants the big climax fight to be raw real and credible. Whereas Rajini Sir with his oldschool belief in special-effects for the kicks and somersaults wants the fight to be more stylized and ….well, ‘Rajinikanth’ in  spirit. Accommodating these two separate schools of stunt performances in the same climax is a problematic situation” says the  well-informed source.

Apparently the action team wants to use a body double for Rajinikant with Akshay Kumar.

“But using a  body-double is not a situation  acceptable to Rajini Sir,” says  a Robot team member.

A crew member on condition of anonymity says, “We are very careful about Rajini Sir’s health. We don’t allow him to strain himself at all, no matter what the provocation. Akshay on the other hand, is always raring to go. He is at the peak of his physical power.”

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