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Rajnikanth To Take On Steven Spielberg On June 7



After a series of hiccups and delays the new Rajinikanth starrer Kaala directed by the Rajni loyalist Pa Ranjith will finally be released on June 7, provided the censor board gives an all-clear to this controversial political drama.

A sources in the censor board foresees huge hurdles for Kaala as it goes into several very sensitive political issues.

“Tamil Nadu is already on the boil. We have to be careful of the content,” says a CBFC source.

In the meanwhile it isn’t only the censorboard that Kaala would have to reckon with. Creeping up on the film is competition from Hollywood . The fifth instalment of the Jurassic Park franchise entitled Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theatres in June 7 to take on Rajinikanth.

Significantly both Kaala and Jurassic World are being released on Thursday(June 7) a day ahead of the traditional Friday release. It shows that both the films are confident of taking on one another.

But the going may not be as easy for Rajinikanth as he feels. Jurassic Park is a huge franchise and it is being released in dubbed Tamil and Telugu versions, besides Hindi and English. The two markets which Kaala cannot cover as there are no dubbed version of the film in these languages.

It remains to be seen of Kaala chooses to move once again.

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