Ramu-Nag’s  Officer Too Violent For  Google, CBFC?


RamGopalVarmasNagarjuna-helmedactionerOfficerisyet to get the censor nod although the film is just days away from release.

Reason? Theviolent content. Apparently there are scenesof graphic violenceinthefilmwhich have theCBFCflummoxed. ThoughRamuis more than willing to take an Adult certificate , theCBFCis yet in twominds about letting some of the violence goscotfree.

And theCBFCis not alone in its indignantrepudiation ofRamus violent content.According toreliable sourceGoogle hasrefused to upload many of Ramus clippings andteasersof Officer .

This denial ofaccess to the alleged violenceonOfficeris specially alarming consideringthegraphic violence seen in the trailer of some recent Hollywood films like Lars Von TriersThe House That Jack Built.

WhenquizzedRamudoesnt deny the violentcontent inOfficer. It is a film about the violent society welive in and one mans struggle tobring a semblance of sanity in the lives of common citizens. Theviolence in Officer israw and real.You cant show the reactionuntil you spotlight the action.Theviolence here isnot gratuitous. It will make the audience uncomfortable, as any form of violenceissupposed to.

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