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Ranbir Kapoor & Anurag Basu To Come Together Again

Many may see Jagga Jasoos  as a boxoffice disaster, and the film may lose close to Rs 40 crores.

Adding  fuel to the ‘pyre’  was Ranbir’s father Rishi Kapoor with his ill-timed—or perhaps too well-timed—tirade against Basu.

But the diatribe has left Basu and Ranbir completely unaffected. In fact Ranbir has confessed to his close friends he’s deeply embarrassed by his  dad’s hatchet job on the director after the film tanked.

Says a close friend, “Anurag and Ranbir are very close friends. Ranbir may not approve of Anurag’s work methods. But that doesn’t change their equation. Over the years Ranbir had many best friends whom he abandoned after they delivered turkeys at the boxoffice. Siddharth Anand and Benoy Roy were two childhood friends  who let Ranbir down with Bachna Ae Haseenon and Roy , respectively.  Ranbir dissociated himself from  them thereafter. This is not the case with Anurag .Ranbir has unshakable faith in Anurag’s abilities.And also Ayan Mukerjee.”

In  fact  Anurag and  Ranbir  are all set to collaborate once again, this time on a  bio-pic on  singer KishoreKumar which has been in the doldrums because Kishoreda’s son Amit Kumar wanted to exercize creative control over the material that would go into the bio-pic.

However now Basu and Ranbir have decided to navigate their way out of the sticky situation by treating the Kishore Kumar saga as a work of fiction.

Says a source close to the development, “They will put a disclaimer and make the film. It’s the  only way they can go ahead with it.And they are still the best of friends. Dada(Basu) only needs to get more market savvy and stop spending so much time over each project.He can’t spend three years on one film.”


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