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Ranbir Kapoor Down With Typhoid



Ranbir Kapoor is not  really going through   the most rocking  of phases in his  life. While on  the career  front he hasn’t had any remarkable success for the longest time, his generally-prolific love life too is  at a standstill at  the moment.

 In  fact Ranbir  admitted earlier this week that his life is pretty “dry” at the moment.

 Now to add more gloom to his somewhat staid life comes a  bout of unexpected illness.

Yes, Ranbir  is down  with typhoid,a  huge setback since he was  on a  very special diet  to  build his physique for his super-hero’s role in  Ayan Mukerjee’s Bramhastra.

“Ranbir would now have  to follow a complete medical  diet and that would mean abandoning his muscle-building physical training. He would also  have to skip Shabana Azmi’s  ambitious fashion show at her ancestral village in Mijwan where  he was supposed to walk the ramp with Deepika Padukone,” says a  source in the know.

We wish Ranbir a  quick recovery , and also a super-hero’s welcome  on the sets  in no time at all.

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