A Regulatory Board On Television, Says Pahlaj Nilhalani

If sources are to be believed television is going to be soon get a sweeping and stern sanskari treatment.

Apparently some of the prime-time shows specially those based on real-life crime, have been seen to crossall limits of decency, stepping into such unsavoury themes as incest and polyandry with unnerving insouciance.

Sources suggest that the Ministry for Information & Broadcasting is  looking at a regulatory board to monitor the content on television after it was discovered that serials have been regularly breaking the moral guidelines.

While censorboard chief Pahlaj Nihalani refused to comment on the plans for censorship in television as an “internal matter” he did comment on the growing sense of alarm in “government circles” regarding the high level of sleazy content on television.

Says Nihalani, “Television has only self-censorship. This liberty is being taken too far. Recent shows have crossed all boundaries of decency. A crime serial like Crime Petrol shows a man raping his own daughter.Ekta Kapoormade serials showing a woman getting married repeatedly. Film  producers want to know why there is censorship only for cinema. Either abolish censorship completely or lay down censor guidelines for television. That’s the need of the hour.”

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