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REVEALED SRK’s role in Tubelight!!!



SKJ Bollywood News Correspondent
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In an exclusive interview to UC News, Salman Khan revealed some interesting details around Tubelight and SRK’s cameo scene in Tubelight. Salman said, “This is a very important part, where Laxman starts getting the belief back and that is where Shah Rukh’s character comes in and he is like a magician and gives Laxman all the power. This is what the whole character is and then from there his (Laxman) belief, and his self- confidence reaches another level.”
Salman’s new co-star Matin Rey Tangu in Tubelight has a nickname for Selman. He calls him Bibing Salman. Selman said, “He is like one of the amazing kids I have ever met. He is superb and on a different level. He calls me Bibing Salman which means older brother. He’ll call everyone ‘Uncle’ but he’ll call me Brother.”
When asked who Salman thinks would have played Laxman’s character, the star said, “Aamir hasn’t played the character like that but Aamir is really good. Hritik has done it, so Hritik would be a good choice. And Akki (Akshay Kumar). Anyone would have done this. I’m sure if they would have accepted the role, they would have done full justice to the role. It’s just that I am locked up with Kabir.”
Talking to his fans, in the interview, Salman said, “It is these 50 people or 150 people and millions of fans who make you what you are, but as an individual personality, you only see 5-7% of me on screen.”

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