Richa Chadha’s Role Chopped Off In Sarbjit


Critics may be in two minds about the merits of  Omung Kumar’s Sarbjit.  But there are no two opinions about Richa Chadha’s performance as the protractedly incarcerated espionage-accused’s estranged  silently suffering wife.

The unanimous opinion is that her role was way too brief and there should have been more of Richa in the film.

Well, apparently there was!

A source in the know informs that Richa’s role was rigorously revised on the editing table.

“A  lot of what Richa  shot was edited out finally leaving her with just one major scene. This was in keeping with the decision to concentrate the storytelling on Sarbjit’s sister Dalbir,played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,” says the source.

When contacted director Omung Kumar denied the shortening of Richa’s role.

Says Omung, “Richa’s role was not reduced at all.It remained as it was narrated to her, only changes made were for a tighter editing structure. Otherwise, the film has shaped up exactly the way Richa was briefed by me.The dialogues that she has are the only ones that were there from the start.”

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