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Rishi Kapoor Gets Gagging Orders From Family, No More Offensive Tweets



Post  the  latest twitter controversy involving a picture of  a naked child,  Rishi Kapoor has finally been given an  ultimatum by his  no-nonsense wife Neetu Kapoor.

Either he behaves  himself on Twitter or  shuts down  his account.

A very prominent member  of the Kapoor family spills all the beans about the ultimatum given  to the intrepid Twitter contributor. “Chintu Uncle can’t be gagged by any of us. He has embarrassed the hell out of Ranbir who is just the opposite of his father:  opposite  in temperament and attitude to social media.  Chintu Uncle just  loves to let it all hang out. None  of us has ever had the  guts to tell him to stop. After every embarrassment caused by  Chintu Uncle,  Ranbirand (sister) Riddhima would plead with Neetu Aunty to put a  stop to  the  excesses on Twitter. But Neetu Aunty would shrug in resignation.”

Now  family sources say Neetu Kapoor has finally taken charge.

“Enough is enough. Neetu Aunty feels  Chintu Uncle’s drunken tweets may land him in  jail one of these days. She has  given him an ultimatum. Either he  shuts down  his  account or she will filter monitor and moderate every one of his tweets,” says  the  source, adding that  he is left with little choice. “He will have to  to comply. Neetu Aunty is the only person  he’s scared  of.”

That, I guess, puts an end to a lot of colourful moments for trollers.



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