Sachiin Joshi Tells Subhash K Jha Why He Chose To Acquire VijayMallya’s Villa In Goa

What made you buy the Mallya property?

I guess it was just one of those things  that was destined to be. I guess it was meant to be mine sooner or later.

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Was it a property that you had set your eyes and heart on for a long time?

I will tell you something.When I was  a young boy I once went to a party to Vijay Mallya’s residence—yes , the same one that I now own.I fell in love with the place, so much so that I was convinced that if I ever build or buy my own home it should be like the one that Mr Mallya owned.

So are you saying that you were angling to get this property for the longest time?

Yes, that would be  a correct statement to make. In the subconscious part of my mind the idea of acquiring something similar and maybe the same property, was always there.When I got the opportunity I worked  on the process of acquiring it , and now I’ve finally got it.

Did you have a difficult time processing the deal?

Let’s just say it wasn’t easy. But I finally succeeded. Now that I’ve acquired the property that I so longed to own,I am exploring various options as  to what I should do with it.

Do you intend to occupy it yourself ?

Yes, I will be using it personally for me and my family as a residence.But I will take my time to see what I do with the property in terms of renovation and modification.

How much did you actually pay for the property?

Well, 73 crores was the last price at which it as auctioned. That failed. I got it  for 73.01 crores.

What are your plans vis a vis cinema?

I’ve two releases coming up. One is  the Hindi-Telugu bi-lingual Secret  directed by RamGopal Varma. The other is a Telugu film called Veedevadu. Loads of exciting stuff in the coming year. Will let you know.

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