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Saif Ali Khan’s Son All Set For A Bollywood Career



It is confirmed. Ebrahim Ali Khan will join his sister Sara in the film industry as soon as he finishes his current educational stint in London.

A source very close to Saif’s parivar says, “Saif left Ebrahim’s career choice to his son, just as he left it to Sara what she wanted to do with her life. Saif wasn’t happy when Sara chose to become a Bollywood actor after studying at Columbia university. But Sara’s mother(former actress Amrita Singh) supported Sara in her career plans.Saif had no choice but to give in.”

And now Ebrahim has made it clear to his parents he wants become an actor. Unlike his sister Ebrahim is not admant on making it on his own.

“Saif may produce a film for Ebrahim. Unlike Sara who was always a full-on masala heroine, Ebrahim needs special nurturing and grooming to face the camera.He is shy and needs to trust the camera,” says the source.

Sara in an interview to me some time ago had this to say about her brother’s career choice. “Ebrahim wants to be an actor. But as I’ve discovered, it’s an easy dream to have but a very difficult dream to achieve. But I feel Ebrahim has the talent. Once he enacted a monologue for my mother and I .I was holding the sheet of paper on which his lines were written. I couldn’t look at the sheet , I was busy looking at his eyes. They were so emotive.”

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