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Saif Confirms He’s The Villain In Devgan Starrer



The  good times are rolling out for Saif Ali Khan. While son Taimur is hellbent on  being  the  youngest rock star in the global history of superstardom father Saif has also had a satisfying year the lean phase  in his career suddenly coming to an end with the unforeseen  success of  his Netflix series Sacred Games .

Saif’s  feature-film  appearance in 2018 in Baazaar also paid rich dividends. Incidentally Saif’s Baazaar is the  first  film with that title to be  a hit. In  1982 Sagar Sarhadi’s Bazaar was  a highly acclaimed  film which  didn’t  make  money. Earlier there were  films like Bazaar (1949) Meena  Bazar(1950) and Bazaar Band Karo (1974) which flopped.

And now  it looks like 2019 brings new challenges for Saif as he turns  villain in Taanaaji, the historical  bio-pic on the life  of  Tanaji Malsure the legendary Maratha  warrior . While  Ajay Devgan  will  play the titular warrior(he  produces  the film)Saif will play the main antagonist.

Confirming the casting coup Saif says, “Yes, I am playing the  villain in this film. The crazy  Udhayban Singh Rathore, Aurangzeb’s Rajput general.”

Ajay Devgan seems  to have warmed  up to Saif and  his  family in a big way. On Karan Johar’s talk show, Devgan was asked  to name  his favourite Khan, and he promptly named Saif’s son Taimur.

When I  tell Saif that  Devgan has  good taste, Saif agrees, “He does have  good taste, no doubt.”

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