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Saira Banu: “Dilip Kumar’s health Has Improved”



Anxious inquiries from all quarters about  the Thespian Dilip Kumar’s health  has finally been answered by his wife Sairaji with a text message to this writer saying, “He has improved”

However close friends of the Thespian and his wife claim they are  not allowed to visit or even  inquire about his health.

Says an entertainer who has known the couple for decades, “I’ve known them forever and was a constant visitor at their Pali Hill bungalow. But in recent years all my attempts to meet Yusuf Saab  or even to know about his health has been stonewalled by his wife.”

Another source which knows the couple well says, “ Sairaji knows the end is near. She has given  50 years  to him.Why would she want to share the closing phase with anyone else? I think all concerned well-wishers should let them be.”

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