Salman Khan Averts Embarrassment About Bro’s Police Interrogation

On Friday Salman Khan’s family suffered an unexpected embarrassment when Arbaaz Khan was summoned by the cops in an IPL betting case.

And the scandal couldn’t have happened at a less opportune time, what with Salman promoting Race 3 with a vigour and vengeance.

At av event on Friday to release a new song in Race 3 Salman had to give strict instruction to the Race 3 marketing team that all media interaction be avoided, so that he won’t be asked any uncomfortable questions on Arbaaz.

Says a source, “Salman’s girlfriend Iluia was brought to the stage to divert attention from the Arbaaz issue. He sang with on stage. this was not planned for the media.Having emerged from his own quota of controversies Salman is not ready to face up to queries about his family members.”

If push comes to shove Salman may cease all media interaction before Race 3.

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