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Salman Khan Doesn’t Like Kapil Sharma Anymore, But Does Kapil Care?



Kapil Sharma is the latest in the long line of people whom Salman Khan has loved and hated.

The Khan refused to shoot for Kapil’s show to promote Tubelight and  instead preferred to do an hour-long special with Kapil’s friend-turned-for Sunil Grover and then to rub salt in Kapil’s wound Salman went into raptures about Grover’s talent.

One doesn’t know what went wrong between the two. Some say Kapil kept Salman waiting for hours for the shooting of the Kapil Sharma Show during the promotion of Salman’s previous release Sultan, hence the ire.

However Salman himself is known to keep crews waiting endlessly, so it can’t be the time factor that’s played villain between the two friends.

Not that Kapil is perturbed by the silent treatment from Salman.A colleague from his show says, “Kapil showed no signs of stress or concern over Salman’s boycott of the Kapil Sharma Show.He’s on terrific terms with almost the entire industry. He is okay with whoever chooses not to come on his show.”

Kapil can also seek comfort in the fact that he is not the first entertainer from showbiz whom Salman has fallen out with.Prior to Kapil the long list of friends Salman has fallen out with include Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Himesh Reshammiya,Subhash Ghai…the list is endless.

Salman did patch up with some of the above.So there’s hope for Kapil. Not that Kapil is holding his breath.

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