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Salman Khan-Rishi Kapoor At War?



There is a strong rumour going around the Hindi film industry that Salman Khan is very very unhappy with Rishi Kapoor.And this time it’s got nothing to do with Ranbir Kapoor.

For those who came in late, there has been an ongoing cold war between Salman and Ranbir for years now.And it has to do mainly with Katrina Kaif.

But the new friction between the Khan-daan and the Kapoor parivar has nothing to do with Ranbir or Katrina.

This time it seems to be Rishi Kapoor who has rubbed Salman Khan’s family the wrong way , and it happened at Sonam Kapoor’s sangeet ceremony before her marriage in May.

Says a guest from the event, “We don’t know what actually happened. But there was some argument between Salman’s sister-in-law Seema, that’s Sohail’s wife and Rishi Kapoor.”

Apparently Sohail’s wife was upset after the altercation .When the matter reached Salman’s ears he reacted as he always does, by confronting the person who had hurt his family.

Apparently Rishi Kapoor refused to apologize.

Says the source, “Far from being apologetic Rishi Kapoor refused to even admit that anything had happened.”

Now this indefatigably fearless Kapoor has two members of Salman’s family gunning for him Salman and Sohail.We can only wait for the ice to thaw.

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