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Salman Khan, Sohail Khan Upset With Ekta Kapoor For ‘Mental’ Title



The Khan brothers Salman and Sohail  are unhappy over the way Ekta Kapoor has appropriated  the ‘Mental’ title from them, to suit her purposes.

For those who have been too busy to notice , earlier this week Ekta Kapoor’s production house Balaji launched a film called  Mental Hai Kya featuring Kangana Ranaut in the title role.

This did not go down well Salman and Sohail .

Says  a source very close  to the Khans, “The title Mental was with Salman and Sohail for the longest time. In  fact the Sohail-directed  Jai Ho in 2014 starring Salman was  originally to be titled Mental , and for a  very long time  Kabir Khan  was toying with the idea of naming Tubelight as ‘Mental’. Now before they  could use the title , Ekta Kapoor has  gone  and announced her film Mental Hai Kya. That  move has stolen the thunder from the Khans’ intended title.The least Ekta could’ve done was  to ask Salman or Sohail for the title. They would’ve been given it to her.”

When I asked Sohail  about the ‘Mental’ state all he would say  is, “No, we haven’t given Ekta the title Mental. She hasn’t even asked us.”

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