Salman Khan’s Antics At The Dus Ka Dum Event Were Embarrassing

Living in denial is a way of life for our stars. But the way Salman Khan handled questions on the criticism about the trailer of Race 3 at the event announcing the new season of the game show Dus Ka Dum ,demonstrated a complete denial of reality .

Salman openly scoffed and jeered at journalists who asked him about the cheesy lines heard in the trailer of Race 3. He also insisted on singing some awful lyrics that he had written for a song in Race 3. Salman Khan is no Javed Akhtar. But who is going to tell him?

The entire performance was an exercise in excessive cockiness apparently brought on by the Superstar’s insistence on a control over his interactive activities with the media.

“He refused to go by the script that was written for him for the inauguration of the new season of Dus Ka Dum. All the stuff that he said about Race 3 was improvised. Salman has been constantly improvising in his films. Now he has started doing the same in his teevee appearances also. No one can stop him. He is unstoppable. That faux pas he committed with Jacqueline Fernandez on Dance Deewane where he forced a little boy to hug Jacqueline was also Salman’s own idea,” says a friend of the actor who doesn’t wish to be named.

Maybe Salman should re-learn the art of following the script. It could save him a whole lot of embarrassment.

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