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Sangram Singh: “My Fiancee Payal & I Were Insulted By Airlines”



 National champion wrestler Sangram Singh is still smarting under the blow his self-esteem received when he and his lifetime companion ,fiancée and soon-to-be-wife Payal Rohatgi tried to board a flight  from Mumbai to Trivandrum.

Recalling the incident Sangram says, “This happened on 3 January .We were to take  a morning 6.50 am Jet Airlines flight . Payal and I reached on time.We were at the boarding gate at 6.25 am . A Jet Airlines supervisor named  Nadeem very rudely informed  us that we  can’t go board the flight.I very politely  asked him why and requested him to let us board as I had  to attend an event for  under-privileged  kids in the morning . We were to attend this event in Trivandrum and then stay on for two days in the beautiful city because Payal’s family was accompanying us. However this Jet supervisor continued to be  rude to us until Payal lost her patience and said this was  not the right behaviour. I also joined her and told the Jet guy that they were only interested in making money and not concerned  with passengers’ welfare.”

Following this altercation Sangram left the boarding gate with Payal and her family and booked another flight.

Says Sangram, “My complaint is not that we were inconvenienced by not being  allowed to board. But the man’s behaviour was obnoxious. Airline personnel were supposed to be polite helpful and co-operative. What happened? Also, we could afford to buy fresh tickets for our flights. What about people who pay hard-earned money for air travel and miss their flights because of a traffic  jam or some unforeseen circumstance? Should they not be given some leeway for delay in boarding?”


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