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Here Is Why Sanjay Dutt Bio-Pic Release Is  Postponed, Replaced by Tiger’s Baaghi 2



It looks  like we will have  to wait a bit  longer to see  Ranbir Kapoor playing Sanjay Dutt.

The  eagerly awaited bio-pic  directed by Raj  Kumar Hirani which was to release  on March 30 has now  been pushed  forward. In  its place audiences can  now watch Tiger Shroff  in Baaghi 2.Apparently  the Baaghi 2 producer Sajid Nadiadwala who  had  not  announced a  release  date for his  film , got to know  about the  expected delay in the release  of the Dutt bio-pic and immediately slotted Baaghi 2 forMarch 30.

 So what happened to the Sanjay Dutt bio-pic? Apparently the film is running behind schedule.Also, if sources are  to be believed,Hirani, known to be  a  bit of  a perfectionist,  is  not completely happy  with  all the footage that he has  shot so far.

A  member  of the cast informs, “We may be re-shooting some  portions while the portions that are still to be  completed are, I believe,are  being re-structured and  re-written.”

Apparently  there is still a  lot of “creative churning” regarding  the content of the Dutt bio-pic.

“They  are  still not sure what to include and what not to include considering how controversial his  life was.There is particular debate over the  inclusion  of  the women  he dated since some of them are now married  and have moved on in life,” says  the source.

There  is also much dilemma over whether the  bio-pic should be titled Dutt or Sanju.

So while Raju Hirani and Ranbir Kapoor sort  out their problems , audiences can enjoy Tiger Shroff’s lithe  moves in  Baaghi 2 onMarch 30.

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