Sara’s Career Benefited From Kedarnath Director’s Legal Action Against Her

If it wasn’t for  director Abhishek Kapoor’s insistence  through  legal  redressal, Sara  would  have ended up with Simmba , where she has nothing to do except be  a decorative doll, as her  debut film.
Those  who have seen  this year’s vivacious debutante Sara Ali Khan in  her post-debut film Simmba are wondering  how  she agreed to be part  of a film where she has nothing to  do except  glorify  the hero’s status  as a  khaki-clad hee-hee-man.

In contrast, Sara had  as powerful a role  as Sushant  Singh Rajput  in Kedarnath, if not more.She played a  spirited, self-willed  girl with a  mind of her own who had little patience with simpering and dancing.

The exact opposite of her decorative-doll status in  Simmba.

And  to think Sara actually wanted Simmba to be her first release after  Kedarnath got into a legal mess over production rights.

 Director  Abhishek Kapoor reveals for the  first time how he had to take  his debutante heroine Sara Ali Khan to court to stop Simmba  from being her first release.

Says  Abhishek, “Sara has no  clue what I’ve been through to finally complete  the  film and ensure that she rocks in  it.Yes ,my producer Ronnie Screwvala and I  had  to  go to court.  Then we  met Rohit Shetty(the Simmba director) and sorted  the dates  out.”

And  to think that Abhishek could have walked away from Kedarnath when things got messy.

Admits  Abhishek, “It is true. I was paid my full free upfront  when I started  this film.When   the  shit hit the  ceiling I could’ve just walked away  with my  remuneration with not a care in the world.But I chose to not  abandon the project. I pulled it out  of the crisis.And then when  Simmba instead  of  Kedaranath was  being called out as Sara’s debut release  I fought  a battle with Sara  a in court and then  pulled up the release  of Kedarnath  ahead of schedule in December, which was logistically  a crazy thing to do.”

How did  Abhishek  pull it off? “I don’t know.Probably  Lord Shiva’s  blessings. I  made  Kedarnath  as a proud Hindu. The gods must have blessed the project.”

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