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Sarbhs Him  Right: Jim Sarbh Takes On Harshvardhan Kapoor



It looks like Harshvardhan Kapoor’s pedigree will follow him for a while. On Rajeev Masand’s  Rountable With Newcomers, the exceptionally outspoken Jim Sarbh not only showed up with half his face painted in red, he also made a point which I am sure every newcomer from outside the film industry wants to make to every well-connected debutant in the entertainment industry.

Turning to Harshvardhan Kapoor,Jim very bluntly pointed out that he was the only newcomer present who was from the industry. “You automatically get a bigger card than us…It’s like we’re in a different room trying to make our presence felt. It isn’t exactly an even playing-field,” said Sarbh while his ‘unconnected’ colleagues SobhitaDhulipala(of Raman Raghav) and Fatima Sana Sheikh(of Dangal) nodded knowingly.

All this was said in a spirit of benign honesty.  But I wonder how far this honesty will take the fiercely gifted Sarbh. I can’t see Harshvardhan’s father Anil Kapoor or sister Sonam Kapoor(Sarbh’s co-star in Neerja) taking kindly to Jim’s bluntspeak on nepotism  in the film industry.

Jim in fact made his other colleagues squirm too . He told SobhitaDhulipala that a  taxidriver must have seen her sex clip from RaghavRaman and not the film. And  he made  Fatima Sana Sheikh uncomfortable when he compared getting the time wrong during a scene to getting laid.

Fatima pretended she didn’t hear him.

Maybe it’s time for Jim to rein-in his natural effervescence , get more diplomatic before the hypocritical film industry turns nervous  in his presence.

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