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Sarkaar 3 To Be Dubbed  In Telugu, Who Will Do Big B’s Baritone?

The Big B will be heard talking in Telugu for Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkaar 3.

A  high-level decision by the film’s team has just been taken to that that effect.

Says a source close to Sarkaar 3, “We were in two minds as to whether Ram Gopal Varma should do a Telugu version of Sarkaar 3.But Mr Bachchan  himself has expressed keenness in this powerful  drama about a Maharashtrian family that runs a parallel government being opened up to Andhra audiences.”

The question now is, who will dub in Telugu for Mr Bachchan?

“It is a  big problem,” says the source from Sarkaar 3. “His voice  is too distinct and patent to be replicated .At the same kind we can’t have Bachchan Saab sounding like someone entirely different.We are trying to figure a way out.”

Sarkaar 3 will release on Ram Gopal Varma’s 53rd birthday on April 7.


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