Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan Sings For Peace In Washington’s  Lincoln Memorial

On Saturday  night India’s Sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan and his two sons Amaan and Ayaan performed live with musicians from across the world for the Chant4Change peace concert at Washington’s Lincoln Memorial.

The  concert made use of music as the healing unifying force in wounded and terror-infested universe.

However the rain gods played truant.

Speaking after the concert Khan Sahib said, “We three . my two sons and I,  performed while it was drizzling.We dedicated our concert to world  peace and harmony.We paid our humble Tribute to Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi , Rabindranath Tagore and  Hazrat Amir Khusrau who created the Qawwaali and  Taraanaa  singing styles.”

Khan Sahib and his sons began the historical Chant4Change  concert with an inspirational  number. “The first item was We Shall Overcome Hum Honge Kaamyaab, then we rendered  Vaishnav Jana Toh, Ramdhun,  Raghupati Raghav Rajaram,  Ekla Cholo re and then we sang a Taraanaa. We  ended with Bengali Folk Music. We hope the whole world soon realizes  the value of peace and harmony. Collectively we must give our younger generations a peaceful and harmonious world.Our family feels very sad when we hear  about young soldiers dying in the War , no matter which country.We  feel connected with every soul every religion and every song of the world.”

Explaining how  music can and unify people across the world, Khan Sahib says, “People of the world have to think about the value of togetherness peace and  harmony.Collectively people of India and the world have to create a peaceful and harmonious environment  for our  children and younger generation.India was one before the  Partition.That is  why even today  it’s Indian Classical music that unifies the two countres and their people. We could only divide  the LAND  but could not divide the music or Swar… Zameen Ka Batwaaraa  hota Aayaa hai aur Ho Gaya Lekin Swar Ka Batwaaraa Naheen Ho Sakta.Unfortunately the political system of  countries everywhere  is based religion.But in our country it is most complex and  complicated. My guru once gave his opinion on politics said every election is a big gamble. How we play our cards .How cards are  played if you can manipulate you  win or if you are  unable you loose the election. Political Parties are not interested in our unity and togetherness.”

Khan Saab wonders at the growth of radicalism in India. “I wonder how a PhD becomes radical or communal.There is a strong message there for our education system . Like Dubai or Singapore I wish in our country too people would be afraid of the law and  abide by the  rules regulations and discipline .It’s high time the judiciary found some other ways of gathering evidence and not depend only on eyewitnesses. So many cases  of  the judiciary are still waiting for a verdict and so many verdicts are not acceptable by the  people of theworld especially in India.”

Khan Saab worries about the rampancy of terror attacks even in America . “The USA  should not encourage  people to openly buy weapons especially for the younger generation it is very dangerous not to have  licence for the weapons.The greatest mockery is that every political  leader talks of peace and harmony at the  same time every country is busy producing weapons guns and missiles.The future of the world looks aimless and  bleak. The world is heading towards destruction .We  need to have  some powerful world body or organisation to intervene in the  mass killings every day in every country especially in Pakistan .Earlier we thought  thw  UN or UNO will take  care of all the world problems.But today unfortunately even  the UN is in trouble…I hope the  world soon understand the value of love peace and harmony.”

Khan Saab’s own family is a portrait of peace and secularism

He says proudly, “In our family  my wife Subhalakshmijee my sons Amaan and Ayaan , my daughter-in-lawNeema and my grandchildren Abeer and  Zohaan  we all feel connected with every human being,every Religion and  every soul.We strongly believe in a Common God.  Only the seven  musical notes unite the world.I look forward to more compassion among communities and human beings. I have realised God Almighty Only through music..

He ends with a plea for artistes to be exempted from political agendas, “Art, music and  musicians don’t belong to any cult or religion  Like flowers,air ,water, color,fire and fragrance we of the artistic fraternity also belong to NO Religion . In our Country every  classical musician is Worshipped like Goddess Saraswati.” If we can’t help each other for God sake don’t destroy each other. Think  seriously about the  future of every



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