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Scam 1992: Hansal Mehta Recreates Harshad Mehta



 The trailer  of   Hansal Mehta  10-part webseries Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story  promises  an experience that  would dig  deep into the biggest financial  scam of India and then  comes  up with some  uncomfortable questions as  to how and why such a monstrous  fiscal aberration  was  allowed   to happen right at the heart of India’s economy.

  Judging by what we see  in the trailer it would be safe to say Hansal Mehta is the perfect fit for  bringing  Harshad Mehta’s shameful story  to the screen. For one, they are  both  Gujaratis  and  I think Hansal understands a Gujarati’s religious reverence  for  money.

Also,  Hansal has  made  bio-pics on  varied persecuted  people  from Shahid Azmi (Shahid) to Dr Srinivas Ramchandra Siras(Aligarh). The knack of hitting all the  right notes in framing  a credible  comprehensive  true-life  story is amply on  display in  the trailer  of Scam  . Gujarati actor Pratik Gandhi makes a  convincing  Harshad Mehta, not because  they  resemble one  another. But because Gnadhi  has  caught on  to Harshad’s fighting spirit. His  ability to  remain steadily on top  even it was a  garbage heap underneath him.

Oh yes,  Shreya Dhanwantry  plays  the journalist Sucheta Dalal who broke the  Harshad Mehta scam story.To have  the  storyteller as  part  of  the story is a clever  move. I can’t wait to see where one Mehta takes  another  on October 9 when the series starts streaming.

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