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Scoop: Sanjay Leela Bhansali-Salman Khan To Get Together

 For  Karan Johar’s Aborted Project

It’s one helluva takeover, and a pretty smooth one at that, not counting the ruffled feathers  and the bruised egos. What was meant to be a Karan Johar-Salman Khan  project is now a Sanjay Leela Bhansali-Salman project.

We are talking about the screen adapation of Amish Tripathi’s  epic novel the Immortals  Of Meluha which KaranJohar wanted to make with Salman Khan for the longest time. The  project then entitled  Shuddhi for the screen  was  to be directed by Karan Malhotra who  did Agneepath for Karan  Johar.

After a relentless pursuit and an endless wait, the project came to a thumping halt with Salman opting out unceremoniously from  Karan Johar’s production plans. The project was shut down.

Now when Sanjay Leela Bhansali acquired the filming  rights  of Tripathi’s book,he has  also spoken  to SalmanKhan about doing the film version of Tripathi’s novel which will obviously no more be titled Shuddhi.

Apparently Salman has agreed to be part  of the project provided Bhansali  directs the film himself.

Bhansali has shared  a troubled relationship with Salman ever since they fell out over Shah Rukh’s casting in Devdas. The two off-and-on best friends did patch up for Saawariya but the truce proved shortlived. However lately Salman and Bhansali have made a concerted effort to clear up their differences. They also agreed to work together in  a hand-chosen project.

Now that the Bhansali-Salman project is  locked in , one wonders what happens to the troubled Bhansali-Karan Johar relationship . The two have altercated publicly in the past and said  unflattering things about each  other in the press.While Bhansali’s relationship with Salman went through choppy weather Johar stealthily tried to build a  bridge across the troubled waters leading up  to Salman’s residence Galaxy Apartments.

Unfortunately none of Karan Johar’s proposed project with Salman—be it Shuddhi or the historical The  Battle  Of  Salagarhi that he was supposed co-produce with Salman with Akshay Kumar  in the lead—seems  to work out.

In  the meanwhile Bhansali and Salman are back together , a move that further weakens Johar’s chances of working with Salman.