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Shabana Azmi To Speak In The House Of Lords



When it comes to bringing honour to the Indian film industry and the country, Shabana Azmi is next to none.

It comes as a surprise to know she would be addressing the House Of Lords of the British Parliament next week. But then maybe it isn’t so much of a surprise because Shabana has been  there, done it before.

Says the  redoubtable lucid and empowered actress, “What can I say?I’m honoured to be speaking   at the House  Of Lords in the UK parliament on 9 March. The topic would be  ‘Identity and Integration.’ My pitch would be to argue that genders, communities , cultures and nations can be equal  and yet separate.”

When I remind my favourite actress that she  has spoken in the British parliament before she recalls with much pleasure, “Of course I’ve been there before. I got my Gandhi International Peace Prize at the House Of Lords and I was honoured to receive the prize from one of my favourite actresses Vanessa Redgrave who has constantly addressed the issues of social cultural and gender empowerment that concern me.”

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