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Shah Rukh Was An Absolute Show Stopper, Says Shabana



The fashion show on Sunday at Mijwan, Shabana Azmi’s ancestral village, in aid of girl child is special every year. This year it turned out extra-special with Shah Rukh Khan walking the ramp along with Anushka Sharma.

The show’s unstoppable hostess can’t stop raving about her show-stopper.

“It was fab ,our grandest show.Shah Rukh was  an absolute show-stopper. Fabulous! He held two of the local  girls’ Shweta and Aditi close to his heart ,complimented Shweta on her dimples, gave a very heartwarmng speech on Kaifi Saab , and on the wonderful work Mijwan is doing for the cause if women’s  empowerment posed for photos , gave soundbytes .He was gracious and charming .And Anushka  walked for us for the third time and looked fabulous.”

On this momentous evening in her father’s native village Shabana grew wistful. “I was  overwhelmed and will always feel wistful thatAbba is not around to witness this.The young students from Mijwan, the women who did the chikankari ,Sanjogta and Sunita are going back exhilarated.This opportunity  opens up their skies .They travel by plane .Nobody in their families has ever done.But the credit  for this stupendous show goes to Manish Malhotra  and Namrata Goyal.”

Mijwan Welfare Society is an NGO founded by Shabana and Baba Azmi’s  father, poet & lyricist Kaifi Azmi to empower the girl child and women in rural India.

Says Shabana, “Kaifi Saab was  in anguish when he returned to his village Mijwan in which he was born, 40 years after he had left for Mumbai. Mijwan was a tiny village frozen in time. Instead of giving up in despair, he decided to stay back and serve his village.In a patriarchal society where the boy is privileged over the girl for sheer dint of being born male, a lot was needed to overcome deepset prejudices and provide the girl child equal opportunity to rise to the full level of her potential.Today a girl child in Mijwan dares to dream to become a pilot, an entrepreneur, a beautician, a super model a computer engineer, fields that were unthinkable a few years ago.By giving them a means of livelihood Manish Malhotra has transformed their lives.”

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