“What Did Shah Rukh Khan Hope To Achieve By Meeting Raj Thackeray?”

Shah Rukh Khan’s meeting with MNS chief Raj Thackeray on Monday to assure him that the Pakistani presence in Bollywood would be nullified effectively has not gone down well with many of his fans who feel the Superstar has succumbed to political bullying.

BJP’s spokesperson Shaina NC agrees with the opinion that Pakistani artistes should, at this delicate stage of escalated tension between the two countries, stay away from Bollywood . “If Pakistan is exporting terror and terrorism  to India we cannot import their artistes. It’s out of the question. I  feel Pakistani artistes should willingly stay away until border issues are resolved  as these issues concern people in both the counties,” says Shaina .

However she admits that the embargo in Pakistani artistes desn’t apply in restrospect. “If a Pakistani artiste agreed to be part of a Hindi film contractually and he or she had the relevant papers to be in this country I don’t think any element has  the right to stop that artiste from coming to India.”

However  Shaina feels there is no need for Mahira Khan to be in India to promote Raees. “The film can be marketed and promoted most easily without her.Why is there a need to even contemplate on her presence in India to promote the film when Shah RukhKhan is the film’s hero?What did he hope to achieve by meeting Raj Thackeray?”

She,however, doesn’t approve of Shah Rukh meeting with Raj Thackeray. “I don’t know what assurances Shah rukh had gone to give Raj Thackeray. Because it is not in Raj Thackeray and his party MNS’  hands to control Indian outrage against the Pakistan presence in India and Bollywood . This is a matter for the Indian governments to handl.Why should Raj Thackeray be consulted about it?”

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