Shah Rukh & Priyanka Acknowledge Each Other After years

For whatever the reason, Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra don’t acknowledge each other even with a hello…. Until the Ambani wedding which brought out the best in everyone concerned. Notice how graciously Shah Rukh, Aamir and Mr Bachchan served food to the baraatis. Bet they wouldn’t do it at their own daughter’s wedding.

Perhaps the same law of liberal bonhomie guided Shah Rukh when he came face to face with Priyanka and her new groom Nick Jonas at the wedding. Instead of looking the other way the couple smiled and approached SRK with a greeting.An actress who saw the exchange is still reeling under its impact. “I’ve never seen them speak to one another. But I guess the beautiful occasion plus the fact that PeeCee is now Mrs Jonas must have prompted Shah Rukh’s innately gentlemanly nature to zip out of his heart.”

According to this eyewitness Shah Rukh spoke for a brief while to Mrs & Mrs Jonas after she introduced her husband to Mr Khan.

“It was a very spontaneous gesture of warmth , and one that means nothing more or less than what it is. A spontaneous gesture of warmth. It doesn’t mean Priyanka and Nick are going to be invited for dinner at Mannat anywhere on the near future,” giggles the actress,

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