Shatrughan Sinha Bats For Gurmehar Kaur

The tirelessly outspoken Shatrughan Sinha is dismayed at the trolling of Gurmehar Kaur.

“The poor girl is being frightened into silence by the self-appointed nationalists and desh bhakts who are nothing but closet bullies,” Shatruji lashes out angrily, pointing angrily at the irony of the country’s artistes and sportspersons intimidating a young voice.

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“We really need to stop labeling every Indian who speaks of peace with Pakistan as anti-national. And please leave the kids of this country alone. You may not agree  with their views. But you can’t snatch away their right to have an opinion on everything including politics. If we continue to bully the young we’ll soon have no individual thoughts and opinions, only the herd mentality. You may not agree with what that girl says. But you can’t silence her voice no matter how much you dislike her point of view,” says the intrepid self-declared solidier of the Bharatiya Janta Party.

Lashing out at the people who are allegedly threatening Gurmehar,Shatrughan Sinha says, “If it is true that she has been issued rape threats then shame on the Government for not arresting these goons masquerading as nationalists. It is not patriotic to bully and threaten the young into silence. We need the youth to speak its mind to grow as a nation. True dissent is a birthright of democracy.”

Shatruji is all for a resumption of peace talks with Pakistan. “So many Pakistani soldiers are returned from India to Pakistan. Recently Pakistan gave us back  out soldier Chandu Babulal Chawan. Suchreconciliatory  gestures are the need of the hour.We cannot laugh away or shout down voices that desire peace with our neighbours. Not our children,please!Gurmehar  apne ghar ki bachchi hai.Don’t talk about harming her just because you don’t agree with her opinion. Contradict her and scold her by all means. But don’t threaten her.”

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