Shatrughan Sinha: “How Can We Thrust GST On A Nation Where A Majority Don’t Even Have PAN Cards?”

While Shatrughan Sinha is all for his “dashing dynamic  action hero” Prime  Minister Narendra Modi’s radical economic reforms , he is also apprehensive of whether  we are heading through the motions of  progress and development too fast.

“I am not sure that a  majority of Indians follow what GST is. We’ve seen the peril of hasty economic reform(the demonetization in November 2016). I just hope there won’t be confusion over the finer points this time. A large part of the Indian population doesn’t know about digitized  banking and taxation. Forget about digitization, a majority of Indians don’t even own a PAN card number, ” says Shatrughan Sinha, adding that he is  not questioning the Prime  Minister and the Finance Minister.

“Not at all. I am very confident that Modi Saab and Jaitley Saab know what they’re doing. I am just not  sure if the public is ready for these radical reforms. I hope and pray they are ready,” he signs off unsurely.

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