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Shatrughan Sinha: “Situation Changes, Location Remains The Same”



 The  irrepressible Shatrughan Sinha  may have lost the BJP seat in Patna to  Ravi Shankar Prasad.

 But is he sulking  about it  ? Far from  it!.

Sinha says  the move was  long due, “The  only reason why I stayed  on  at  the BJP in spite  of repeated snubs is because  of my loyalty. I had vowed I’d not move until I was told to. The  time to make  the  move is now.”

And Shatruji  says he’s very happy  to  go. “Or perhaps, ‘go’ is not the  right  word. The  situation may change.  The  BJP is fielding a dear  friend of mine Ravi Shankar Prasad in my place  from my constituency. Buy I will be contesting elections  from my constituency only. Thanks to the  love and support of  the Bihar junta for  years, I’ve  always emerged victorious  from  there.Now we will know whom the  public voted the  Party or me. By the  grace of God I will win again  from Patna. You can take  away my seat. But you can’t take away the  love  of my people  from me. Having said that  I must say, I have no ill-will  towards Ravi Shankar Prasad. He  is an old friend.And I wish him all  the best. May  the best man win.”

While bidding adieu to  the  Bhartiya Janata Party, Shatruji lets  out how he has suffered in silence as  the part  high-command  disrespected  the senior leaders  of  the party. “Look at  how they behaved with the very respected Mr Yashwant Sinha.Virtually pushed him out  of  the party. And now L K  Advaniji who was sidelined  for years has retired from elections at  the same time when I’ve finally moved  out of the BJP. The Party could have shown some grace towards the great leader by offering a  ticket  for  his electoral constituency  to Advaniji’s daughter Pratibha  or  sonJayant.But of course that’s too much to expect.”
At the moment Shatruji refuses  to divulge the political party he is  joining.But whispers  suggest he’s  been chosen  by the Congress I.  “Let the heat and dust settle down. In  a few days you will know. At  the moment I want  to thank all  the  leaders  of the opposition  Mamta Bannerjee, ArvindKejriwal  and  my family friend Laloo Yadav for standing by me.”

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