Shekhar Suman Is Not Bothered By Trollers Supporting Kangna Ranaut

A  not-so-cryptic tweet from  actor, anchor and stand-up comedian Shekhar Suman which reads….

“One cocained actress was carrying the burden of her non existent stardom. She has fallen flat on her face n how. Guess this is poetic justice”

….. has triggered off widespread outrage among Kangana Ranaut’s fans who presume Shekhar was referring to the actress whom  Shekhar’s  son Adhyayan Suman was once dating.

However Shekhar remains unfazed by the merciless trolling. “Barking  dogs seldom bite. Trollers are like dogs. They will come bark and go away. They are the paid Twitteratis. One  person operates a thousand abusive accounts.So I care a damn.”

Shekhar reiterates he never named any person in his ‘cocaine’ tweet.  “So what are the so-called fans jumping into? When I  spoke in the past about a particular actress I was defending my son’s dignity. What are these fans defending?If any star actually has so many fans then that star’s films would never flop, right?”

Shekhar counsels the star’s fans to please see her film. “Please ask the loyalists to stop wasting their time tweeting. They should go and see the film instead. The Titanic is sinking.”

So is Shekhar Suman referring to Kangana Ranaut’s Rangoon?

Laughs the entertainer, “The reactions to my tweet confirm that whatever I said they agree to even though I haven’t mentioned anyone or any film.It’s hilarious.”

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