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Shershaah Looks Perkily Patriotic



Sidharth Malhotra in shershaah

Shershaah looks prepared  for battle

I am pretty certain Shershaah will turn the tide for  Malhotra 

There is something to be said  about the power  of  desh bhakti. Whether it was Manoj Kumar’s Upkar in the 1960s or Aditya Dhar’s Uri three years ago, we  cheered  and  clapped when the brave  Indian soldiers brought the enemy down.

Now  it is  Siddharth  Malhotra’s turn.  God knows, his career needs  a boost. After seeing the trailer and  the  zest that Malhotra pours into his  role of  Paramvir Chakra  winner Captain Vikram Batra , I am pretty certain Shershaah will turn the tide for  Malhotra . It can’t  go wrong when  we get  the then-PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee making a  guest  appearance.

Shershaah looks prepared  for battle. And I don’t mean just the one  at the  border. The  film exudes a  tempting  self-confidence. The battle scenes, the little that we see  of them  in the trailer are well shot,  and  the actors  seem alert  to  the  task. No one  here is faking it.

The  dialogues are written with a feel  for the  audiences’  Independence Day mood. “Live  by chance, love by choice and fight by profession.” I am not sure if  that  rhetorical  outburst by Sid Malhotra is  grammatically correct. But it sounds  right.

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Elsewhere  he tells  his  best friend(the  ubiquitous  bestie Sahil Vaid ), “Main waapas aaoonga . Tiranga lehra ke nahin toh ussmein  lipat ke.”  Damn!

Okay guys, my phone will be off at  midnight  on August 12.

True, our neighbours  from  across the border won’t like this film. But  that’s okay.We don’t like when our gallant soldiers  like  Vikram Batra lose their lives. Jai Hind!

Oh,  I almost forgot. Kiara Advani is  also there. She plays  Batra’s bae . So full  of beans  I  instantly  thought of all those has-‘beans’ who have  pranced perkily around Sid Malhotra in  the past, from Alia  Bhatt  in Student Of The Year to  Tara Sutaria  in Marjavan. I couldn’t make out what  Kiara was saying in the  trailer about  the love of her life in Punjabi. But it’s easy to  guess.

Love and war are beyond language.

Shershaah (2021)

Inspired by the life of Captain Vikram Batra (PVC), the film celebrates his valiant spirit and honors his invaluable sacrifice in the Kargil War of 1999, at the age of 24.
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