Shocking: MeToo Accused Attends Priyanka’s Pre-Wedding Bash

Shocking and frustrating as  it may sound, it seems that the MeToo movement that has brought radical changes in the American entertainment industry will have no impact on the Indian entertainment industry. As stalwarts  like  Mohanlal are busy trivializing the issue with their careless remarks and the  more “responsible” members   of  the  Indian entertainment  industry like Farhan Akhtar are busy trying to distance  themselves  from  the predators.

In the midst of this crisis of true solidarity comes the shocker from Priyanka Chopra and  her groom-to-be Nick Jonas’s pre-wedding bash in Mumbai  on Monday evening. Among  the guests was writer Mushtaq Sheikh who was recently called out for sexually inappropriate behaviour by  actor Rahul Raj Singh.

Sheikh had gone underground since then, only to emerge  at Priyanka’s bash looking more confident and cocky than ever before, posing for pictures with  Priyanka’s cousin Parineeti Chopra.

Sheikh is  known to have very  powerful friends  in the entertainment industry including Ekta  Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan.

A guest at  the party comments, “Mushtaq Sheikh was anything but low-profile at  the party. The after-effects  of the  scandal seem to have  evaporated.”

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