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Shocking Sleazy Sridevi-titled Film To Receive Restraining Order



  How  far can  a  filmmaker  go in pursuit of  the audiences’ attention without seeming intrusive?  Sridevi Bungalow is the title  given to a  film  directed  by some unknown chap named Prashanth Mambully. It was announced  a few months ago with Priya Prakash Varrier  and immediately  invited the wrath of Sridevi  fans.The teaser showed PriyaVarrier  lying intert in a  bath-tub,a distasteful  reference  to the real  Sridevi’s tragic end.

The  utterly  reprehensible attempt  to  cash in on the legendary iconic Diva’s name  and reputation  must be condemned by all her  fans and  admirers and  must be  discouraged  by film industry which hero-worships the  late  actress.

 Instead we  have  out-of-work  actors  like Arbaaz  Khan  pitching in with their two-bit. The  latest  to join the cast of this corny anti-homage is  a certain foreigner named Georgia Andriani whose only claim to fame is  her proximity to   the aforementioned Arbaaz Khan (whose only claim to fame is he is  Salman  Khan’s brother).

While Sridevi’s hurt and  incensed husband Boney Kapoor who has just returned  from a  wedding in  Bali is  looking at  what further legal remedy he can seek a source close to Boney says, “He is disgusted  by all those who  have chosen to be  associated with this  lurid  project.When he saw the  first look of this shady  film showing  a woman in a  bathtub and the film’s title Sridevi Bungalow Boney had sent a legal  notice  to  the  producer. But so far they’ve ignored  the notice.Boney intends  to  take even more strict legal action asking for  a restraining order against using Sridevi’s name in  the title. They can make what they like—it’s a free world.  But they can’t use that  ironic name.

It is  disgusting to see star-siblings  and  now even girlfriends  of star-siblings  being given roles in Hindi films. Nepotism never  flourished  more brazenly in  Bollywood.

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