Shocking: Rahman Warns Ali Asgar Against getting Physical , Swears Off Comedy Shows


Dear Kapil , You Can’t Treat Rahman Like Mika

It takes a lot of effort and persuasion to actually get the reclusive A R Rahman to grace a television show. It takes a whole lot of gumption and plain shamelessness to get cocky and cheesy with a genius who is known to be extremely shy of public interaction.

What transpired on The Kapil Sharma Show this Sunday was shocking ,to say the least.A visibly uncomfortable Rahman walked on to the sets only to be bombarded by the usual cheesy comedy that is inflicted on all guests.

To be cheesy with Mika is one thing. To do the same with A R Rahman is quite another.

All limits were crossed when Ali Asgar, dressed as a Lucknowi Beghum did a seduction act on Rahman, heaving bosom, lip-biting and all. The music maestro, known as the Mozart of Madras, looked hugely embarrassed and then alarmed as Asgar got more and more aggressive and sexual because in Asgar’s words  he wanted to quell some of Rahman’s shyness.

What it did do  was try Rahman patience and test his level of self-censorship to the point where he had to warn Ashgar, “No touching!”

Asgar of course being a dedicated (read: obstinate) comedian continued to slither and slide around Rahman whose ordeal didn’t end with Asgar’s seduction act. Thereafter another comic actor Sugandha Mishra stormed on to the set and did a loud thumping mash-up of A R Rahman’s tracks.

The experience has left Rahman shaken and not quite stirred.

Says a friend of  Rahman, “The manner in which the interview was conducted was not proper for an  artiste of Rahman’s dignity.You can fool around with the Great Grand Masti team. But you can’t apply the same  humour to Rahman.As a host Kapil Sharma had not even done his  basic homework. He said Rangeela was Rahman’s first composition and that he had scored music in all of Ashutosh Gowariker’s films. Both are  misrepresentations of facts. It was insulting to see Ali Asgar do his drag act on Rahman. It is doubtful we’ll get to see Rahman on another television show in the near future.”

When contacted Ali Asgar defended his Beghum act. “I agree there is a difference between Rahman and other guests. But he was  just uncomfortable with anyone touching him.Otherwise he enjoyed himself. A lot of the footage was edited.This Beghum is an incorrigible flirt. She flirts with everyone. And the bigger the celebrity the more flirtatious she gets.”

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