6th October 2018

Singer Kailash Kher Shocks Patna By Brushing Off Tanushree’s Charges

Singer Kailash Kher who was in Patna for a concert left the people of the city feeling somewhat disgusted when he reacted to actress Tanushree Dutta’s allegations as a relatively minor issue.

When during a television interview he was asked about the issue Kailash replied, “Why are we wasting time and energy on minor issues when there are such large crises looming over the country? The water scarcity, for example.  Do you know in the coming year’s nations will be fighting not over petrol but for water?”

Kher may be right about the water crisis. But its relevance to Tanushree’s allegations of sexual harassment from nana is extremely ambiguous.

Tanushree told this writer she was a little disappointed by the lack of support for her cause from her own ilk. “I am hoping that those who are now evading and dodging the issue, would finally come around. For any movement to gather momentum we need powerful voices. My experience alone cannot amount to a movement. There are so many women in the entertainment industry who have chosen to keep mum about their harassment. I am hoping some of them would come forward soon.”

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