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Singer Soumita Saha strongly opposes Rajith Kumar’s Transgender Remarks

With the advent of summer and mercury rising across the country, the intellectual section of society is in no mood to give common people respite. Teachers and professors from across the country have been making their way to national headlines by making ludicrous claims on how women should behave/dress/live.

Rajith Kumar is a new name who has earned a lot of fame having entered this bureau of sexist intellectuals. Rajith, who is a Botany Lecturer at Shree Shankara College in Kalady, Kerala claims that women who wear jeans give birth to transgender children. On a live TV show he said recently, “A woman who dresses up like a man, what will be the character of the child she gives birth to? These children are called transgenders or napumsakam”.

Kolkata’s singing sensation Soumita Saha, who in past had raised her voice against objectification and body shaming of women has strongly opposed Rajith Kumar’s theory. “If wearing jeans leads to transgender births, entire western countries should be full of transgender population”, she said in a statement. “You need a typical level of audacity to come up with such senseless and idiotic theories. I think he is supposed to be learned enough to understand that dressing sense can barely influence hormones and therefore birth of a transgender sounds unscientific. If he is really confident, he should come up with scientific evidence”, she further adds.

“Why are men so obsessed with what women should wear? This ridicule has reached such extreme level that even learned scholars are coming up with such nonsense theories just because they want control the way we should dress. Sometimes our behaviors becomes inviting, sometimes our dressing sense is held responsible for the birth of transgender. Why? What if some of us claimed that we women are not supposed to have hairy legs, you men never took break from lungis that’s why we’re we have hairy legs. Sounds crap !! I know it does, so does Mr. Kumar’s theory ” says the songbird.

Soumita, who in past had raised her voice against objectification and body shaming of women recently spoke in support of model Gilu Joseph in the breastfeeding controversy. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, she also demanded a separate breastfeeding rooms in public places like Malls and Multiplexes. The ace singer is known for her melodious voice and social activism. Her recent international debut song Ishq became massive hit and was well received across many countries across the world.


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