Was The Smooch Splashed Befikre Trailer Passed Because Of Yashraj?

Shocking as it may seem,  the tantalizing erotic trailer of Befikre which has taken theinternet bt storm has been certified with a ‘UA’ certificate by the CBFC(Censor Board Of Film Certification) citing the trailer’s high aesthetic values as the reason for the liberal attitude.

Interestingly kissing scenes were severely curtailed  in the latest James Bond film  whereas in the Befikre trailer Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor are allowed to indulge in a smooching spree.

When one points out this  to chairperson CBFC  Pahlaj Nihalani he defends the movie, “When we clamp  down on on-screen intimacy people have a problem. When we let scenes of intimacy remain intact, people have a problem.”

Explaining why the CBFC turned ultra-liberal with the trailer of Befikre  Nihalaniexplains, “The images in Befikre are  not about kisses alone. It’s  about a whole lot of things ,all to do with love. The trailer shows kissing as a manifestation of love .It’s not there for titillation.”

Interestingly Nihalani points to the angles from which the kisses between RanveerSingh and Vani Kapoor are shot. “All the kisses are shown in long-shots. It’s only in close-ups that kissing on screen tends to look overblown . We  asked the kisses in the James Bond film Spectre to be cut down because they were done tight close-ups.There is a difference between showing intimacy discreetly and getting so worked up about it that the camera  becomes voyeuristic. So to answer your question about why the CBFChas chosen to be  liberal with the kissing in the trailer of Befikre ….It’s because AdityaChopra’s aesthetic sense makes the kissing look natural and not vulgar at all. Most Hindi films make such a natural act of love look very selfconscious. Hence vulgar.”

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