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So which Film Will You Watch On Wednesday, Raees Or Kaabil?

 Is it going to be Shah Rukh Khan or Hrithik Roshan for you next week when , breaking the traditional Friday release-pattern , both the eagerly-awaited films release on Wednesday evening. Here are 5 reasons why Raeesand Kaabil are a battle between equals.

1.     Hrithik versus Shah Rukh:  From the time he came into the industry Hrithik has been Shah Rukh’s greatest challenger. Now for the first time they are being directly pitched against one another. Both stand an equal chance of scoring at the boxoffice. Both need  a hit, what with their 2016 releasesunderperforming at the boxoffice.

2.     First time directors for both: Shah Rukh Khan has worked with Rahul Dholakia for the first time in RaeesHrithik Roshan too has never worked with Sanjay Gupta before. Expect a freshness  in the collaborative spirit this Wednesday.

3.     Virgin-fresh pairing: If Hrithik has never worked Yami Gupta before, Shah Rukh Khan is unlikely to work with Mahira Khan again. So just savour the  impermanence  of the pair.But be warned: neither of  the two leading ladies have much to do. This Republic Day it’s the heroes’ show all the way.

4.      Stunt Front: But there’s one thing that pitches Raees against Kaabil is the  high-velocity action. Both films contain a heightened level of  action scenes, stylishly shot but integral to the film’s fabric, so that we are watching not men battling with fists and firearms, but a war that wages from deep within the hero and makes its way to the outside world in a rush of aggression.The action is so internalized it implodes with tension.

5.     Very different beasts:  Raees and Kaabil are as different as  chalk and cheese.One is set in a decade that’s over, the other is situated in contemporary times. While Raees is the story of a liquor baron, Kaabil tells the saga of a blind man insanely in love. Both have the potential to be huge blockbusters. This could well an encore of the GadarLagaan week at the boffice.



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