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Someone Please Cast Akshay Kumar & Ranveer Singh Together!



Big relief and huge applause.  The  second episode  of the new season of Koffee With Karan was  way superior to  the  bland and  aimless first episode,  probably  because Akshay and Ranveer  share a genuine kinship and were not faking it.Not for a second. Ranveer was  the  fanboy. Akshay was  the  older wiser  superstar.  Roles taken.

Their shared  anecdotes  did not preclude  the  viewers  . Both  Akshay and Ranveer are  people’s persons, not afraid to come across as  full-blooded desi Punjabi boyz(with a ‘z’  if you please).

Yes, some  portions  of the chat did come across as  forced. The Rapidfire for example sounded  too rehearsed.  Some  of the  answers  lacked spontaneity except when Karan Johar, forever  in pursuit  of a sensational quote,  asked   Akshay during  the rapidfire  whom  he  thought  of to be  “hot” besides  his wife.

“I think  Deepika is  hot,” Akshay  asserted while Ranveer  nodded approvingly.

 The  absolute comfort -level between  the two  actors, such a  contrast  to the  phoney  bonhomie between  the  Deepika and Alia last week, won   Karan’s two  guests hampers  full of approval  from us.

It is interesting that Ranveer met Akshay for the  first time when he was  8. Ranveer, not Akshay.

A word  on  the wardrobe. Ranveer’s not  Akshay’s. He wore what  looked like florid curtains stripped  and stitched  into trousers and vest coats.Apparently  the outfit was  a gift to Ranveer  from Karan.

With  friends  like Karan Johar, Ranveer  doesn’t need enemies. Akshay  for all the masti, behaved and responded with a  lot of thehrao. His answers  were  not meant to be juicy headlines. They  came from the heart.

I remember  havinga  conversation  with Akshay some time back on how much effort it takes to come across as  a nice  person constantly.

 “None  at all. Because  I am not trying,” Akshay  replied.

On Sunday night I could see what he meant. The benignity  is  an integral part  of  his nature.

When Karan playfully set out to determine who is the  better human being between his two guests, I knew the answer immediately.

 Akshay, forget about Deepika  bearing with Ranveer for  the  rest  of her  life. What about you  bearing with this  flamboyant flamingo for  an hour?

You  deserved  the hamper  for that.

Show Rating: ***(3 stars)

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