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Sonam Kapoor: “As Far As My Work is Concerned Nothing Changes After Marraige”



Sonam Kapoor’s life is one big celebration at the moment. After the much talked-about wedding with her long-standing devoted boyfriend Anand Ahuja, Sonam plunged into the promotion of her new film Veera Di Wedding . On top of it all her brother Harshvardhan’s film is also releasing.Taking time off for this interview Sonam speaks her heart out to Subhash K Jha

Sonam, it’s been quite a month for you?

Oh yes! The wedding and then immediately afterwards the promotion of Veere Di Wedding and now my brother’s film Bhavesh Joshi Super Hero is also releasing on the same day.

So how different does it feel to be married?

No different at all. Anand and I were engaged for a year before we were married.And before that we were seeing each other for a while. I was sure he was the one for a very long time. Marriage was just a formality. I am lucky to have married my best friend.Much before the marriage we knew well enough to know what we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

There are conflicting reports about where you will now be residing. Is it true you are moving to London ?

I was spending a good part of my time in London anyway, even before my marriage. No one knew why I was going there so often. Now they know(laughs).

Anand has business in London?

He has business in London and Delhi, And Delhi is also my sasural now. So I’ll be dividing my time among the three cities Mumbai, Delhi and London.

Hectic times ahead?

At the moment it seems like madness, there is the promotion of Veere Di Wedding that’s keeping me on my toes.

There were lots of unsavoury comments and trolls on your adding your husband’s surname to your name… Not that it is anyone’s business…

It is fine if I am questioned about something legitimate. It is good to open up a healthy debate. My decision to take up my husband’s surname wasn’t an overnight one. I had been thinking about it for some time now. And it made sense to me. And if you notice Anand too has incorporated my name into his. As long as we both know what we’re doing standing up to the questioning is not a problem.

Are you going to cut down on the volume of your work after marriage?

Should we even be talking about this in this day and age? Did you ask Shahid Kapoor the same question after his marriage?

I wouldn’t ask Shahid Kapoor anything. But my question is a practical one about time management since marriage brings an additional slew of social commitments?

That’s true. But as far as my work is concerned nothing changes. I never took on too much work. In fact I am now working more than before. This year I’ve already had one release Padman.I’ve another one now Veere Di Wedding, following by Sanju(the Sanjay dutt bio-pic). Then there’s Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga(with father Anil Kapoor). So it’s four films in a year. This is more work than I’ve done before marriage.

Veere Di Wedding has very strong language. You are heard using the Hindi ‘BC’ expletive.Was it hard for you to say it?

I had never used it in my life. But girls my age do speak like that.Did you think it came out sounding normal? My Sanjay Chachu(actor Sanjay Kapoor) feels it didn’t come out sounding right.I have heard it being used around me.

By only the men around you?

That’s true. But I don’t think it is such a big deal to use that word.There are so many other issues that are far more important in life..

The four of your girls in Veere Di Wedding look so comfortable together. I see a genuine friendship there?

There is! Swara Bhaskara and I were already very close friends before we did Veere Di Wedding. Kareena is someone I’ve known and admired for years. I didn’t know Shika Talsania until this film. But her father(actor Tiku Talsania)had worked with my father.And now it’s us working together. So there’s a sense of continuity in the relationship.

Your Neerja and now Raazi has proved that the female hero is as bankable as the male. Does that empower Veere Di Wedding even more?

I suppose it does. But Raazi had the backing of two very powerful production houses(Karan Johar and Junglee Films).Relatively we’re a smaller set-up.

I don’t think you and your sister Rhea and Ekta Kapoor are smaller?

In that case, more power to us.

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