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Sonu Ki…Beep…Titu Ki…Beep Sweety



The censor board has struck again.The trailer of Luv Ranjan’s  new romcom Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety has enough beeps to drive the beep-haters up the wall.The wipe-outs  in the spicydialogues among the characters  in the film completely distills and distorts  the profile and personality of the trailer.

Says Luv Ranjan , “The trailer of my film is attached to  Padmaavat which  is a ‘UA’ certified film. For my trailer to be  shown with Padmaavat it had to have a ‘UA’ certification.And for a ‘UA’ I had to delete all the expletives.”

For those who came in late, really late, a ‘UA’ censor certificate means children under 12 can watch a film provided they are accompanied  by an  adult.

Now Luv Ranjan  intends to apply for a  ‘UA’ certificate  for his  film also.

Explains  the  director, “If I don’t delete  the colourful  language I will have to take  an ‘A’ certificate  which means I miss out on my 15-18 age-group  of  audience which is actually the core audience for my young rom-com film.”

 Ranjan feels it’s  time  the censor board introduced a 15+ rating that the British censor board implements.

 Says Ranjan, “From ‘UA’, which gives children under 12 access to a film if accompanied  by an adult, the Indian  censor board  goes straight to ‘A’ which keeps  out the audience under 18. What  about that crucial 15-18 age –bracket? It is  a very important part  of  today’s movie-going profile. To  have access to it I need  to get a ‘UA’ certificate with the necessary cuts.”

It is to be noted that Pahlaj Nihlani tried his darndest to bring in  the 15+ censor gradation while he was the chairperson  of the censor board. His efforts met with no success.

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