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Sridevi’s Death Brings Father & Son Together



Ever since Boney Kapoor married  a second time and moved out of  his home with his  first wife  Mona and their two children Arjun and Anshula Kapoor, there was an  unstated tension between Arjun  and his father.

 “Nothing that you could put your fingers on.There was  no open hostility  ,let alone disrespect. But Arjun never forgot or forgave his father for not being with them when he was growing up with his sister Anshula.  Or when Arjun’s mother fell ill and passed away , even then Boney was  not  with his  first family.These are  not small betrayals.And  they left an ineradicable hurt in Arjun,” says a close family friend.

 In death, Sridevi has  brought the father-son pair together like  never before.

Says a  family friend, “Arjun, along with Boney’s brothers Anil and Sanjay,has been  a pillar of strength for Boney at this the most trying time  of his  life. He cancelled his shooting of Vipul Shah’s Namaste Canada to rush to be by his father’s side.”

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