After Sridevi’s Emotional Message, Pak Artistes To Visit Mumbai!

This week’s emotional hit Mom opened in Pakistan to overwhelming responses. But most overwhelming was the special message that Sridevi sent by video conference to her two Pakistani co-stars Adnan Siddiqui who plays her husband, and Sajal Aly who plays her daughter.

The message which was played before the films’s premiere at Karachi shows a teary-eyed Sridebi beginning her monologue with an ‘A-Salaam-Vale-Kum’ and ending with a sigh and sob regret. The video  has worked as a cultural peace-balm from India to a country  whose politics threats to keep the two countries apart.

Says a  source from Pakistan, “We were very moved by Srideviji’s message to Adnan and Sajal . She was in tears telling then this film would not have been possible without them.We don’t have anything against Indians .In fact we love Bollywood films.And we love Srideviji for valuing our talent.”

Sources close to  the film on this side of the border insist that the two Pakistani artistes who topline the Momcast will visit India.

“We can’t wait for political relations between the countries to improve . But we will certainly bring Adnan and Sajal to Mumbai because they are a part of the film’s success,” says the source close to Mom.

BJP spokesperson Shaina NC insists there has been no official ban on Pakistani artistes. “It is entirely up to the people concerned to decide what is to be done in this matter.”

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